Sunday, June 08, 2008


The day started bright and early at 8am. After a quick stop for cash and drinks, we headed out!

This was our first stop. Who needs tables, when you can use a flat bed trailer?

These small towns along the way have so much character. I like small town I'm driving through it. I don't think I could live anywhere much smaller than where I do now.

What's wrong with this picture...

Senora Snyder and driver extraordinaire! Make sure to check out her blog for hilarious commentary of the day.

I didn't realize that Tigger had a country side!

The goods!
1. I have a new Polaroid, but am not happy with the color quality. This older version has so much personality!
2. I have a thing with dishes on pedestals. I don't know what I'll do with it, but it is my hands down, absolute favorite color. (I call it peacock blue)
3. Yet another dish on a pedestal. I'm thinking this will be pretty with flowers in it.
4. A small Japanese dish with birds on it. (only a quarter)
5. Golden Books for Story! (all 1950's editions)
6. Vintage Hawaiian it!

If I had to pick a favorite from the day, this owl trivet would be it. !

Here's our map (59 miles one way)

My favorite moment from the day

Me: Ooh, that house has a lot of furniture...
Emily: ...and a dog wearing a t-shirt
Me: Um, keep driving.!


Sanders said...

Ooh! Great stuff! My favorite is #2 dish on a pedestal. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your blog! Looks like a fun trip!

crispy said...

Great finds. I love all the vintage goods. Is that all? Did you get more?