Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Some people have told me that I'm a mirror image of you, Dad. I'm sure, for most people, they wouldn't like the idea of someone who was so much like them. The great thing about having you as a mirror though, is that you see the best in me. You encourage me. Because we're so much alike, you have shown me things about myself that I never knew.

Recently I heard someone say that “the real you is who you are at home.” It’s true. You have always accepted each member of the family in our most "real" moments....even those times when I call you from inside the metaphorical hole I've managed to dig myself into. You still love me.

In our journey as Father and Daughter, the words "vulnerability" and "authenticity" have started to take on new meaning. You create an environment where it’s possible (and preferable) to live in the light and to confess my short-comings. You help me raise my standards.

What I love most about you Dad, is that you let God use you to change the world around you no matter your location or circumstance. You've committed your life to being used no matter what...even if that involves another move. Your willingness to follow the Lord has been a subtle way of teaching us kids without using words.

I'm so excited to see you in a few weeks and to watch you interact with that baby. She has no idea how great her Grandpa is!

I love you.


missy said...

I can only pray that Ryan and Millie will be as close as you and your Dad are - how sweet!!!