Sunday, June 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica!


You’re my friend that can handle most every situation well. You can find something in common with anybody. You’re engaging. You want to be everyone’s friend but not on a surface level – your desire is to really know them. Your honesty is refreshing. You are a loyal friend. You’re happier than I’ve ever seen you. Happiness looks good on you.

I forget that I haven’t known you forever, and that as much as I know about you there is still more to be learned. I love it that you care about my life, and my opinion matters to you – isn’t that what everyone wants in life? To know that they matter?

I love your sense of humor and wit – it’s intelligent wit that not many people possess. I love that you think about things before you say them because you know just how important words are. Thank you for listening, encouraging, asking, inspiring, laughing, talking, knowing, and loving. I simply adore you.

You are about to begin another new journey and I can't even begin to express how proud I am of you!

I'm glad you're a part of my life. (and that you let me be a part of yours)

Love you friend.....
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