Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Snyder

Meet Emily and Dusty. They were some of my first friends here in Kentucky. Well technically Emily was first, and then once she realized she couldn't live without Dusty (and vice versa) he became a friend as well. I was so honored to sing at their wedding today. The song they chose was "Faithful" by Sara Groves. (Here's a link to hear it) prayer is that they will remain faithful to the Lord in their new journey together and that He will continue to give them a passionate burden for ministry. These two are so quirky and fun...I don't know any other couple who's dream is to someday own and run a laundromat for the purpose of ministry and outreach!

Here is a visual of the entire day...


We ALL had so much fun!


Elizabeth said...

So fun! I LOVE Emily's necklace. And the Sara Groves song... one of my favorites!

cin said...

i thought it would be YOU singing! I absolutely love this song, it is such a nice blend of the old and new. The words will always be true!