Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrea

Where do I start? We've only known each other for 6 years...but it sure feels longer than that. We first met in 2002. We had both traveled to Virginia to begin an 8 week training session before we both headed out into the world. I'm not sure why they put the only two Andreas in the same room together...but I'm forever grateful. The 8 weeks were soon over, and I headed to Nepal and Andrea headed to London. We both had one thing in common...we wanted to spend our 2 years apart pouring ourselves into Nepali and Muslim women.

Andrea has always been good about keeping up with me, even when we lived in different countries. It wasn't long before I got a wedding invitation...yep, she had snagged and married a Brit! Then a few years later, came a baby announcement in the mail.....Maddox was here!

Almost 2 years ago, she sent me an email that ended up bringing me here to KY and now we work together! I've been so honored to be a part of her and her family's lives. I loved that I was able to be there for a friend from the beginning to the end of her pregnancy...that was a first! Ivy joined the family 1 year'll be seeing her birthday post in a couple of days.

Andrea, I'm so glad that we are friends! Today I spent what felt like forever trying to pick out a great birthday card for you and I just couldn't find one that really said all the things that I'm thankful for about our friendship! One thing I do know is that I'm so glad that we just get each other and that I can just be myself around you. Your burden and love for things like social justice, the Muslim culture and living green has made a difference in my life. I hope to one day be as great of a mom as you are!

Happy Birthday, same name friend! I love you!
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