Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary

30 years = 10 957.266 days

30 years = 2 kids, 1 daughter-in-law, 1 granddaughter

But what I want to communicate most in this post is my gratefulness to my parents for their marriage. God has used my parents, and their marriage in countless ways to make me more like the Savior we worship. Everything about my life has been made richer because of their love, support, care, correction, example, counsel, and friendship. God tells husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the church. By God's grace, my dad has and will continue to spend the rest of his life pursuing that goal. My mother possesses unbelievable discernment, is a wonderful wife and loves that man she married even more today than she did 30 years ago.

By far, what I treasure most about my parents is their uninhibited, contagious, growing passion for the Lord. My parents meet with God each morning in His word and desire that their lives honor Him. They have and continue to encourage Adam, Amy and I to greater faith, trust, and joy in the Lord.

Thank you for loving each other.
Thank you for loving each other in the times when it would've been easier not to.
Thank you for seeking the Lord's best not only for each other, but for your kids as well.


crispy said...

Thankful for their loving example they show.