Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ek Jug Ma Ek Din (One day in an era)

***Update Below***

  • On April 10th, Nepal will undergo Constituent Assembly elections for their 7 political parties.

  • For the first time in the history of the country, the Maoist, considered a terrorist insurgency group, is a recognized political party.

  • Their leader says if he does not become the first President of Nepal he will take over the country anyway.

  • There are 50 outside monitoring agencies from other countries coming into oversee these elections—including former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalyn.

  • There is an 8 day National holiday declared.

  • There is quite a bit of predicted unrest so please pray for safety for all those traveling to their home districts to vote, the Christian community as they are becoming involved more and more in this arena and for all expats living in Nepal.

  • You can follow this historic event here.

*special thanks go out to an unnamed, inside source who helped make sense of what is actually happening tomorrow.


Despite the violence, and three people losing their lives, the elections were considered successful by the powers that be. It will take weeks for the results, which could result in more violence. CNN has some great video from Kathmandu. Here are a few screen stills...

voting lines at Kathmandu Durbar Square

Here's the voting ballot. Because of the low literacy rate in Nepal, there are no words, just pictures and symbols for the candidates.

Separate voting lines for women.

Former President Jimmy Carter. My favorite thing about this pictures is the lady behind him....if you watch the video, the guy in the plaid shirt is actually coming up behind her to move her along in the line....she looks precious! I bet she can cook some mean dahl baht.

Voting booth and ballot box


Anonymous said...

I imagine as you watched the videos you closed your eyes, remembered the familiar scents and sounds and put yourself there. It is so obvious that Kathmandu left a permanent imprint on your heart.