Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Come on now

I have lots to report from my trip to MO, but I only like to post blogs with pictures...and since I primarily used the A's camera all weekend, I don't have those pics yet. So we'll all have to wait patiently!

I love to fly! I love the entire experience...the airports, people watching, take off and landing.... but my flight to Missouri was horrible. I think it's fair to say that I'm an experienced traveler, but I have never had such an awful flying experience in the USA. To make a long story short, within 6 hours of travel time, I managed to be forced from Northwest to Delta, travel to 4 states, endure the scariest flight of my life listening to the other passengers pray the Lord's Prayer together, unexpectedly land in Arkansas because of bad weather, and had no suitcase when I landed.

The trip back to Kentucky went without a hitch...but not without a good story! When I was boarding my last flight there was a guy (who I thought was the pilot) greeting everyone. He was older then me by maybe 10 years, had red hair and lots of freckles. As I walked past this was our exchange...

Him: (in a thick accent I couldn't pin point) "Hello. Welcome Aboard".......(long pause)......"You remind me of a girl from my village that I grew up with."

Me: "Oh!?..... Really?"

Him: "I'll explain later."

*** fast forward 20 minutes, we are now in the air, and I now realize that he is the flight attendant and he's doing the drink service***

Him: "What can I get you to drink?"

Me: "I'll have tomato juice please" (for some reason I love tomato juice when I fly)

Him: "Ok, now let me explain. I grew up with this girl back home in my village and you look JUST like her. Do you have an older sister?"

Me: "No.....but where did you grow up?"

Him: "Oh, I'm from Morocco"

***at this point I'm very confused. He doesn't look Moroccan, but sort of sounds like it....and now he thinks I look Moroccan?***

Me: "Well I've never been told I look Moroccan before."

Him: "Oh yeah, you would totally blend in. Moroccans have many different features"

Me: "Oh...ok, thanks"

So is it me, or was that just the weirdest exchange? Moroccan? I mean I've always wanted my life to be more exotic and exciting, but I don't know about this.

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crispy said...

Moroccan? Exotic and exciting. I bet that flight has a longer story than tell great stories.

Elizabeth said...

I agree... I'm waiting patiently for the 4 states, scary flight story.

As for Moroccan? Sounds plausible to me. :)

team bartlett said...

I always crave tomato juice when I fly too. I don't know why, because I rarely drink it any other time.

Emily said...

yeah you're exotic all right... who else would want tomato juice? (no offense to all you tomato juice lovers out there!)