Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All Story, All the time

I hate to break it to you guys, but for the next little while, I'm afraid this blog is going to be heavy on all things Story. I've had a pretty bad few days until today, and having her in the world now has shifted my focus! I'm determined to be a part of this experience even though I'm not physically in Florida. My mom burned the (almost) midnight oil by sending these to me. Bless her. Let's get started shall we? You can see even more pictures here. (Thanks Clayton for being my representative!)

Just look at that family. Bless my soul.

Um, can I just say that Amy looks flawless after just giving birth?

My parents and their first granddaughter. I'm pretty sure those are tears of joy left on my dad's shoulder from all the crying and hugging.

Oh Story,

I've been singing songs over you all day today. Right now I'm forced to fall in love with you over a computer screen and I can't hardly stand it. You just wait until we meet....All of a sudden there is this special place in my heart for you that I didn't know was there.

I love you!

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crispy said...

Oh...so glad to see the pictures.

And she is a little peanut. =)

Elizabeth said...

She's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Isn't it amazing how quickly one can fall in love! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Preston and Courtney said...

how precious!!! You will be an amazing aunt.

Christy said...

How wonderful! I know that your mom is beside herself with joy!
Standridge Family

Anonymous said...

This is truly the Miracle of Life and as my good friend (your Brother has said) How can one not beleive in our GOD! This is his doing and it is HIS MIRACLE.

God Bless
The Dipp Family