Thursday, February 07, 2008

True Life: I'm a Resident Director


-12:45am the Tornado sirens go off….get up, got dressed…..herd 200 girls into the basement. In the basement until 2:45am

-3:00am trying to comfort a special needs resident who is scared to go back to her room. She is literally stiff as a board and won’t open her eyes.

-3:45am I am finally getting into bed...thank the Lord

-7:00am I’m up for the day to get ready then head to class which I am in until 10am

-10am- noon I’m at my building working with housekeeping and maintenance to identify leaks in the building from the storm last night

-Noon-1pm in class

-1:30pm…on my way out the door to meet with Savannah and a tour comes through to see a dorm room for a prospective student. Put on the "I"m not too busy for you face" and showed them a room.

-2-3pm meet with Savannah

-3:30pm barely back at my apartment/office and a student comes to my door needing a ride to the Urgent Care Center. No one else is available to take her….so we jump in the car

-4pm arrive at the Urgent Care office and I am there until 5:00pm with her. Spend the time in the waiting room trying not to look at the posters on the wall with grotesque pictures of the progression of a brown recluse spider bite. (note to self....start being afraid of spiders)

-5:15 drop student off at the dorm

-5:30pm arrive at the grocery store to pick up some cupcakes for the RA whose birthday we are celebrating at the RA meeting tonight. Snapped a photo in the parking lot of a women with rainbow hair. (literally a rainbow)

-6pm-8:30pm in class

(Tidy up living room for 15 minutes before my RA’s arrive for our meeting)

-8:45-10pm RA Meeting (couldn't do this job without them)

-10:30-midnight HOMEWORK (mostly reading)…exhausted….headed to bed….

-12:15am knock on my door….the laundry room is flooded….called Maintenance On Call to come

-12:15-12:45am with the help of a few of my RAs, cleaned up the lake in the Laundry room…tried to figure out which of the 6 washing machines the water is coming from

-1am Maintenance On Call leaves with the leak identified and the water shut off. Promises it will be fixed tomorrow

-1:15am typing this blog out because who would believe the day I've had?


Emily said...

Oh, Andrea...I hope tonight is better for you!

Ruth said...

Sis, you crack me up. I know this wasn't very funny to you but I laughed through it just in unbelief. When you ask what kind of blogs we like...these have to be my fav. Ones where you recap on crazy days with the hours included. Thanks for making me smile. You really do have a gift with words. Ruth

CU Joins as ONE said...

"i concur (spelling?)" :) sorry i got you into this! haha

Lacey said...

So do we get to see the picture of the rainbow hair?

crispy said...

What a day. Don't know how you do it. It is an adventure!


Anonymous said...

By far my favorite post of yours :) Love it! Hang in there!
Karen Kurinka