Thursday, February 28, 2008

Small Town Concert

Today was the first day of our Worship Arts Conference! This year's theme is Worship and Justice, and who better to help us gain perspective then Derek Webb? This is the first time I've heard him without his friends and I enjoyed him so much.

While I was living in South Asia, he ventured out on his own away from Caedmons, and the first time I heard any of his solo work was at the Taj Mahal. One of the summer students let me borrow his first cd while I roamed one of the coolest places on earth. To this day, when I hear the song Wedding Dress, I think of that hot, July day.

I shot this one for my brother Adam

Wearing his trademark white t-shirt, he spoke about injustice...and how even though Salvation is the foundation, there is so much more that comes along with the gospel. He spoke about the need to fulfill basic needs like hunger and thirst so that people can stay alive long enough to even hear the gospel...I've never thought of it that way.

I know that the mention of his name can ruffle some feathers in some circles (thankfully none that I'm a part of), and I know that there has even been a record label that refused to work with him. These things make me like him even more! It was so great to walk a few steps from my apartment and have an evening like this! I'm so thankful for this night in our little chapel that could.

Now, before you press play on the video below let me just say this.... I'm sorry. I'm new to the video on my camera and didn't realize that I wouldn't be able to rotate the image. Also, the shot is blurry, AND my batteries died at the beginning of the song, so that's why you get the last half.

I say all of that to say, that it is totally worth it, just to hear part of my "it" song of the moment,
10,000 Angels.

yes that's me hollering at the end.....

A HUGE shout out to Garrett for making this night happen!


missy said...

i didn't realize you had never seen him solo - i'm glad you were finally able to. he is a tremendous speaker and very knowledgeable. i always leave wanting to learn more. thanks for posting the video :) ryan and i are doing that song in a wedding this summer - it won't be nearly as good :) (on my end, not ryan's.) well, again, wish i could've been there, but i'm glad you were!