Monday, February 11, 2008

New Sister!

Today, one of my International students stopped me in the cafeteria. She told me that she had tried to find me earlier, but that I must have been "too busy."

she said: "Andrea, God is in my heart now!"

I said: "You do?! How did that happen?"

she said: (with a grin on her face) "On Saturday, after I spoke with my friends, I asked Him to come in because I needed Him! I am feeling so happy now, and have the peace in my heart. I am not feeling sick for my home anymore."

After ironing out the details for me, a tight hug, and traditional kisses on each cheek from her culture, she was off. As I walked away, I was filled with an attitude of praise and thankfulness. I have an incredible God that has gifted me with a staff of RAs who have just taken her in even though she has been a bit of a lost puppy. My prayer is that she has had an authentic encounter with Christ, and I know that these young ladies will walk beside her and disciple her as she begins this new life!

May I NEVER be too busy to hear this kind of news.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Thanks for sharing the news with us. mom

crispy said...

Isn't that great. I pray she finds the right infulences in her life and that God holds her close as she grows.