Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If only....

If these people had blogs, I would read them! Here are my reasons why...

1. Amy Ruth-with a baby girl on the way, why not start a family blog? I'll need my daily fix of pictures you know.
2. Jessica- you're headed back to Nepal....I NEED to live vicariously through you!
3. Brandon and Tammy- newlyweds living in San Francisco...I know you have stories to tell
4. Kelly- you're headed to Prague for 3-5 years (give or take a few) See part B of the reason for #2
5. My momma, Amy Sue- stories about your interactions with your 80+ year old neighbor and you are a great story teller.
6. Jake- just look at him....don't you know he would have something fun to say!?
7. Mandy- because everyone else in her life blogs...just give in!
8. Laura- her daughter Annabelle is hillarious, and new baby girl Molly is set to arrive any day now.
9. Marcus and Kelli- if they had a blog, they could have blogged about getting wedding ring tattoos!
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crispy said...

Come on Amy Sue...I do love your stories and I miss you bunches.

I agree about more bloggers...it is a great way to connect.

Thanks for swinging by and commenting on my blog.


Elizabeth said...

So funny! I love the way you think... hence I love to copy you. :) This is such a fun post and I agree. More people SHOULD blog... wonder if they'll get the hint?

I'm in KCMO and wishing you were here!

missy said...

cute and clever post - i agree

Jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my site. :) Hope to see you drop by again soon!

Hillenblog said...

I concur on one and 5.

Any cursing dogs in Florida?

Boy have we got some funny 'bean stories to tell you...if only you had a blog to comment them to.

Also...Adam...you need a blog to post all your new tats...come on people...its free and easy.

Get to it.