Monday, February 04, 2008


Yes, friends, it's been two years.

It’s hard to believe that it was two years ago, in February of 2006, that “Every Little Thing She Does” was born into the blogosphere. In the past two years there have been hundreds of entries, dozens of design changes, thousands* and thousands* of comments, new friendships made and old ones rekindled, and who knows how many lurkers!

The original intent of this blog was to keep in touch with my friends and family all over the world. It has now become a way that I share my life and some of the things that make me go "hmmm." If you haven't already, check out the sidebar on the left for a few of those things.

I thought about writing a post highlighting some of my favorite things that have happened here on the blog, but honestly, I don’t have the time! I have textbooks to read....

So, friends, wish me a Happy Blogabirthday by leaving me a comment telling me one of your favorite posts from the last two years. You don’t have to link to it, just something like “I loved the story about your _________! I nearly peed my pants laughing!” While you’re at it, what kind of things would you like to see on my blog? More pictures, no pictures….more of my favorite things?

* a girl can dream


missy (wade) said...

well, as it is of no surprise, my favorite entries have been of your trip to new york. i love love love your writing, and i was completely able to relate and picture everything you described.

i also thought the post you dedicated to your dad on father's day was beautiful! if i were him, i would have cried like a baby - oh wait, i did. ha!

i'm so glad you blog because, a)i love love love your writing. you are so eloquent and, yet, hilarious at the same time! and b)i love reading what you're up to. it makes me feel connected to you:)

happy birthday!
keep up the good posts!

m*b* said...

Well I am going to have to agree with Missy in saying, I love to read your blogs because of your beautiful writing and I have laughed so hard I nearly wet myself more times than once! I also enjoy keeping up with you cuz I miss you so! I love the blogs about savannah and all your traveling. Your views on things cause me to go "hmmm" and I see such gratitude to our Heavenly Father in your writings. I love that! I tend to be a lurker just for the selfish pleasure of reading to find out what's going on in andynon's world, but I'll try to comment more often! I'm so thankful that no matter how far you are, we are still friends! Love you girl!
And, Happy Blogabirthday!
(& thanks for the b-day card..hope you got my voicemail on your bday)

Anonymous said...

I'm your mom and I love it all!

Preston and Courtney said...

I have loved getting back in contact with you. I love your blog and following along with your life. I find myself excited for people I don't even know! But I love the pictures and meeting people and following your life through pictures. The most shocking post....the one about your parents house when the roof fell in their bedroom. I think my jaw really did drop down while I was reading it.
I just love everything on your blog...keep it up! Love you tons

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog because you are so interesting. And, you lead a very interesting life. I can not imagine working with so many college students. I love hearing about Savannah, also. Keep up the good work.

Elizabeth said...

Hmm.... how to fit in one comment what I love the most? Not sure it's possible.

I agree with everyone else... Savannah is a big hit!

Your "goodbye laptop" post and your 2007 birthday post where you wrote a letter to "25" are some of my favorites... as are all of the pictures. I love the way you see the world through the lens of a camera.

Oh yeah... my birthday post last year was one of my best gifts ever! Thanks for being you... I love you!