Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesdays with Savannah

I'd like to introduce you to Savannah* A few months ago, the Lord laid a specific task on my heart. It came out of nowhere really, so I investigated and went forward. One interview and a ton of background checks later, I am now a Big Sister with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Organization. I agreed to take any girl at any age, from any background and so on. I prayed for God's choice for weeks.

The BBBS liaison called me in November with the good news of a match! I decided to commit to the school-based mentoring program. That consists of going to Savannah's* school once a week, consistently on the same day, for one hour. The first time I saw Savannah* I thought she was a boy. At that time, her hair wasn't even an inch long. She was wearing jeans and a tomato sauce stained t-shirt. I thought someone had made a mistake. There was nothing girly about her.

Our first meeting was a bit awkward, and having the school's guidance counselor sitting at the table observing us didn't make things any easier. Savannah* was pretty quiet at first, answering my questions with the fewest words as possible. During that hour, I learned a few things about her life.

-She lives with her mom and grandma.
-In her own words, she was "born without a dad."
-They do not have a car.
-Her mom works at a local fast food restaurant.
-Savannah* thinks the guy that lives next door looks like a lion.
-She wants to be a "Wal-Mart worker" when she grows up.
-She had a bad case of lice at the beginning of the school year, so her mom shaved her head.

When I asked Savannah* why she signed up to have a Big Sister, without hesitating, she said "I wanted a friend that wouldn't make fun of me."At the end of our first visit, I asked her if she had any questions for me since I had been talking her ear off. She thought about it for a minute, then with a straight face asked me, "What would you do if all your family members died?"

Needless to say, Savannah* has some special needs in her life. I'm not sure where this journey will take us, but I am thankful for the opportunity to take the focus off of my life for one measly hour a week when I'm with Savannah*. I hope that I can in some way have an impact on her life, but I know for sure she will have one on mine!

This month just happens to be National Mentoring Month. Need a way to start the year off on a high note?

Be looking for regular Savannah* updates!

* My Little Sister's name has been changed, and her picture altered for her privacy and protection.

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Anonymous said...

There is no greater fulfillment than investing in someone's life. I will be praying for your new friend and what God will do in both of your lives. mom

elizabeth said...

I am so excited for you and this new person to love. I'm sure the ways she will love you in return will overwhelm you and be nothing like what you ever expected. I can't wait for more updates!!!

Brad Lee said...

I can't wait for more updates either. I am so moved by Savannah. She seems like such a precious soul. I am glad that you have one another so that you can each see a very different perspective on life. I'm sure she will grow to love and trust you quickly, and I'm sure that God will bless you both immeasurably. Thanks for sharing.