Thursday, January 31, 2008


So....I met with "Savannah" again on Wednesday. (Not familiar with our story? Click Here)

She was in rare form as usual. She greeted me like normal by slamming her scrawny body into mine and embracing me with a hug.

She tells me that she brought some homework to work on, so we hit up the library. I love any library and so does she. Sisters have things in common you know.

We sat down, and she pulled out a spelling and vocab worksheet. Her assignment was to write the words 10 times, then give each word a definition in her own words.

Few: "not very many"

Pupil: "a student that could be young or old."

Excuse: " a reason why you can't do something"

Fruit: "sweet food that is healthy"

Usual: she had a hard time with this one, and finally came up with "regular"

The next word on the list was mood. She told me that she understood what it meant, but couldn't describe it. So I thought maybe if she used it in a sentence, this would help her train of thought. She liked that idea. She thought about it for a minute, then came up with the following sentence.

" Last night my mom was in a bad mood because she got the fourth paternity test back, and she still doesn't know who my dad is."


How do you respond to that? Where do you go from there? I hope my face didn't indicate the horror that was taking place inside of me. 4th paternity test? She looked at me with anticipation, wondering if she had used the word in the sentence correctly. I assured her that she had. In her fourth grade handwriting, she wrote out

mood: "the way someone is feeling"


elizabeth said...

My life is so not hard.

Thanks for sharing... I needed my eyes reopened to the world.

Praying for you... and Savy.

Anonymous said...

Perspective is always relative. What an opportunity you have to introduce her to her heavenly Father. I find it amazing that she even knows what a paternity test is. asb