Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm not sure if you like watching documentaries, but I do! I really like watching movies that help me gain perspective. I had heard about God Grew Tired of Us from one of my friends, and finally rented it. It has been out since 2006, which means I am slightly behind the times.

The film follows the stories of three "Lost Boys of Sudan," whose lives were disrupted as very small children in the early 80's, as they seek refuge in Ethiopia, Kenya, and finally, America. Watching their cultures collide is enlightening to say the least. These young men came from a level of poverty and loss I struggle to even imagine, and yet their ability to love and show compassion seems greater than I can ever hope to achieve. While I know their culture isn't perfect (because which one is?), it was nice to be reminded of the real meaning of community and family.

As a gift to me on my birthday, please go rent this movie and let me know what you think!


Marla said...

Andrea, God Grew Tired of Us was AMAZING!!!! I loved it!!!! Seriously, it was like a roller coaster... I laughed and cried, all at the same! I highly recommend this one!!!