Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Tuesday was my birthday. I am now 27! There's not much to say about being 27...except that I guess I'm now in my late twenties?

Do I feel older? As a matter of fact I don't. I suppose living on a University campus keeps me young?

I wish I could say that my birthday was a day full of glorious celebration, but actually, it was almost just another busy day in my life. My alarm clock was my office calling bright and early, I went to class, not one but 2 toilets overflowed in the building, and the health department called in regards to a resident with chicken pox. Then to top it off, in a moment of solitude, I turned on the tv to see that one of my favorite actors had died. He was just one year older then me. I don't know why it threw me for a loop....maybe because he died on the day I was celebrating life?

Thankfully there were quite a few highlights to the day!
-I had a wonderful lunch with dear friends. There is nothing like having the cutest 2 year old I know say "Happy Birthday Andrewa!"
-I spoke with many friends, family members and felt so popular on Facebook all day long!
-My post office box was full of goodies pictured above.
-I received a ton of gift cards, new make up, Polaroid film, wall flower plug ins, wooden box from India, candle, 2008 personal calendar...and that odd thing pictured above is an earring display holder. Fabulous isn't it? When my friend Emily brought me my gift, I didn't want to open it! It was so fun all wrapped in old Harper's Bazaar magazines.
-My dad sent me beautiful flowers.
-I ended the night seeing 27 appropriate considering I was turning 27!

In bed at the end of the day, my room was so quiet. (this is rare in a dormitory) It was so quiet that I could hear and feel the rhythm of my heart beating. After a roller coaster day of experiencing many emotions, I was reminded that life is so fragile. I was literally overwhelmed with thankfulness that God saw fit to give me breath to celebrate another day...which just happened to be my birthday.

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Karen Isbell said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday! Glad that admist the caos it was still a wonderful day! I would love to catch up far away are you from me? I could use a good does of andrea!