Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What a Weekend!

Thursday afternoon, I turned in my Organizational Behavior 10 page paper, then hit the road to Louisville! Jessica flew all the way from Oregon to see Rob Bell, me, and....Tammy's wedding of course! We drove straight to the theatre and chatted a bit before the show. There was a broad group of people there. Young, old, traditional, hip, seminary students, homemakers, business men.....

It's so hard to describe the "Gods Aren't Angry Tour." There are tons of people online who had fast enough writing to actually take notes. Eventually there will be a dvd out...I suggest you just get it when it comes out! Rob Bell is just one of those speakers that you just have to hear yourself. To explain it would take hours. In fact, I'm still processing everything that he said. Right Jessica? ;)

Of course he ended with his signature benediction. There is something so precious and sacred about a benediction. I love to just sit there and be blessed! For me, each and every benediction is a reminder of what I've just heard and somewhat of a commissioning at the same time.

After only a few hours of sleep, it was time to pack up the car and head to Blountville, TN for Tammy and Brandon's wedding. Upon arrival, there were hugs all around. These were not just your everyday hugs. These were the kind of hugs that are tight....the kind that linger. I was hugging friends that I had not seen for 3 years....the last time we were all together in one place was Nepal!

Following what seemed like a day of eating at the bridesmaid lunch and the rehearsal dinner, we put the bride to bed around midnight. The next morning I got to work beautifying the bride and one other bridesmaid. It was such an honor to do Tammy's makeup and hair! You only get married once and I didn't want to mess anything up!

Thanks Bethany and Jessica for taking so many pictures while I was playing hairdresser and bridesmaid!

Tammy and Brandon were married in the church that Tammy's parents had been married in decades ago! It was so cute and had tons of personality! Here are some pictures of the church. The church had beautiful stained glass windows, old pictures of founding members and the best part was the Noah's ark mural in the brides/Sunday school room.

The wedding was beautiful. The church was decorated with trees covered in blue and silver ornaments and ribbons. For all you detail loving people, the favors were handmade filigree ornaments from Nepal. You can see an example here. After a beautiful reception with the best wedding cake I've EVER had, the Philbecks were off to Jamaica to honeymoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon P*

(name withheld for their privacy)

After a wedding, what are 20 former co-workers in South Asia to do? Go to Starbucks of course! Amanda gets the prize for longest distance traveled for the wedding. She was fresh off the plane from India.

We had SO much fun talking, laughing, sipping coffee, and laughing some more! I wanted to hold onto each moment....it is rare that all of our friends are in the same country together, let alone the same room. After some reluctant, but sweet goodbyes, Jessica and I jumped in the car to head back to Kentucky.

Between Thursday and Monday night, Jessica and I drove almost 16 hours in the car together. Needless to say, we had a TON of time to catch up and sing loudly to songs to keep ourselves awake. We laughed out loud until we cried while midnight transitioned to morning. It was so funny seeing the South through Jessica's west coast eyes. I even had the privilege to introduce her to Cracker Barrel.

It was hard to say goodbye to Jessica at the airport Monday night. I hugged her not knowing if I'll see her again before she heads overseas this summer to do career missions in South Asia. Go to your destiny girl!

Sweet moments like the ones I had this weekend slip away SO fast. For all of you who live in the same town as your best friends...don't take that for granted!


elizabeth said...

Wow! What a full-to-overflowing weekend! So many great pics... and I am so willing to wait for the phone call where you can explain them all to me! Hope all goes well this week with school.

china said...

Hey andrea, sounds like a great time, good story. Your right about best friends. I talked to kevin and orrin last night and just heard form mike. i wish they were here. i tried posting a commet a while back but don't think i did it right, really enjoyed that quote about living the questions. Good stuff, that and what you said about being differant with God, i read your writing on a day that what they said really encouraged me and gave me back my perspective. thanks :- ) Merry Christmas, i hope you have some good holidays. take lots of pictures. :- ) rich

skywriting said...

Your life is so cute. :)

Anonymous said...

My eyes are brimming with tears as I try to comprehend the enormity of emotions you have felt over the last week. Girl you have got to pursue this writing thing...you are so blessed with putting the reader right beside you on your journey. mom