Saturday, December 08, 2007

Home Address

“Home Address”

My home address?
In Him I dwell,
wherever else I be.

As Bird in the air,
as branch in the vine,
as tree in the soil,
as fish in the sea.
He is my home.

My business address?

Little piney cove,
or London,
or Rome,
or Paris.

My business address?
Wherever He puts me,
but He is my home.

-Ruth Bell Graham

If you didn't catch the Billy Graham special on tv tonight, go here to check out listings for your area. The show was completely dedicated to celebrating the life of Ruth Bell Graham. This poem was the highlight of the hour for me!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I did a search for this after watching the special on TV and found it on your page. Powerful words.

Erica said...

Thank you...

It's Sept 2008 and I just finished watching the TV special about Ruth Graham and I wept. I have always had a huge respect for the Grahams and although I never met Mrs Graham I always knew that there had to be an incredible woman standing "behind" Billy Graham.

This poem so connected with my soul... and it would be my desire that this poem be "mine" and that it would be said of me at my funeral that "she was crucified with Christ"

Thank you for sharing this poem. I'm printing it and posting it by my desk to serve as a reminder of my purpose for each day - to serve HIM and Him alone!