Sunday, December 09, 2007


Fact: Celine Dion has HUGE hair on the cover of her new cd. Don't believe me? I'm a proclaimed lover of big hair, but come on Celine....your hair even crosses my line of bigness.

Fact: I have 3 Christmas trees inside my small apartment.

Fact: I don't like to wear jackets, coats or any additional layer on top of my regular outfit.

Fact: I received my priority box in the mail this week. I like it a lot.

Fact: I have 2 finals tomorrow and 1 Tuesday.

Fact: My bathroom is being remodeled during Finals week! It's a good thing I'm not easily stressed.

Fact: It was unseasonably warm today.

Fact: One of my friends tells me she has "exciting" news and we can only connect on voicemail...the suspense is killing me!

Fact: In 5 days, I will be free of cafeteria food for one month.

Fact: I've already received and opened 3 Christmas presents.

Fact: I'm beginning to realize that life is rarely black or white, all or nothing...most of the time it's lived in the in-between, grey area.

Fact: I lost brain cells watching an ABCFamily movie about a girl that kidnaps a boyfriend to take home for the holidays. You'll never guess what happened at the end of the movie...he decided to NOT press charges and falls in love with her. Looks like just about anyone can write a movie script these days.

Fact: Just the other day I saw a Christmas card that made me teary eyed. It said something like, "The setting was humble, but the cast was divine." What a simple truth. I wish I was sensitive to this truth all year long. (If the cards had not been $15.00 for a box of 8 cards, I would have sent them out this year)


elizabeth said...

Wow! Not only is Celine's hair ginormous, but her shirt definitely crosses my "low-cut shirt" line. I'm not thinking all this is necessary to sell music... but that's just my opinion.