Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dresses for a Cause

I'm back from Florida and have enough information for more then one post! I will elaborate about my trip more later, but wanted to share one of my Christmas presents with you.

Christmas morning inside my stocking, I had 2 tickets the Diana Princess of Wales: Dresses for a Cause exhibit. It was unbelievable that such an exhibit would be held in Ocala of all places, but during the exhibit, I learned that most of the dresses were owned by a local woman! How crazy!?

The exhibit featured 30 designer gowns once worn by Princess Diana. A few months before her death, she had auctioned 79 dresses for charity. This exhibit was the first time so many of those dresses had been on display together since that auction. The exhibit included an audio tour that explained the history of each dress and the dress owners' stories.

The dresses were gorgeous and most had an accompanying picture of Diana wearing it with a description of what event she was attending. I love details, and these dresses did not disappoint. The beading, stitching, and embroidery were so meticulous.

At first, I didn't think that I could possibly pick one favorite, but this one was an easy front runner.

I'll admit it. I was teary several times through out the exhibit. I was experiencing history and couture dresses..... which I don't get to see every day! Cindy, I thought of you the entire time.

Thanks mom for the gift of tickets and for going with me.


Anonymous said...

This was a thought provoking and sobering look into the life of a princess. Glad we got to share the experience together, even though we both felt a good cry would have been in order. love