Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in Florida

I'm back in Kentucky...unpacking my suitcase, only to repack it again. (More on that later) I'm so thankful that my family lives in a place that I actually like visiting! Florida was showing off all week with perfect weather. Not a raindrop to be found!

Friends, friends and more friends! I wish I could have time to see everyone that I wanted to, but 7 days just isn't long enough!

1. Elizabeth and her husband Shannon are headed to Prague in the Fall. They will be focusing on short cycle church planting.

2. Amy Ruth

3. Me and my bro...I love this picture of him.

4. Jesse and Kayla Beller! These newlyweds are a little bit rock 'n roll and a whole lot of hippie. I love them dearly.

5. The picture below is of my friends Romana and Kelly. Romana is a high school guidance counselor and Kelly is a nurse headed over seas with Elizabeth and Shannon to Prague.

I attended my parent's church on Christmas Eve. A lot has happened since my visit last year. My parents are really in their "sweet spot." It is so great to see them living life devoted to ministry not only at church, but in their every day lives.

The Three Amigos (Pastor Phil, Greg "aka Tiger Woods" and my dad)

No trip to Florida is complete without a visit out to the Myhre's farm. I love Linda and Lew like family. They prayed for me before they knew me! Their home is so peaceful and inviting. Seeing them once a year is not enough!

Carol is my parent's next door neighbor. My mom and Carol have a special, but unique relationship. Carol has no family in town to support her as she battles cancer. My mom has become a daughter of sorts. A lot of people are praying for Carol's salvation....will you stop right now and pray for her to come to know Christ?

My mom and I whipped out our ancient cookie cutters and made sugar cookies from the Betty Crocker cookbook. We have been doing this for as long as I remember. By the time I remembered to take a picture of the finished product, the cookies were gone. Yum!

Friday we picked up Adam and Amy from the airport in Orlando. We had a short 24 hours together. We hit up our favorite pizza at Giordano's and were on our way! I had the privilege of introducing IKEA to the rest of the family. The one in Orlando has been open for a few weeks! It was just as I had remembered....the last time I was in an IKEA was in Dubai.

I had a great trip and came back with a ton of great Christmas gifts. My family was crazy generous! I put a Christmas list on the left if you're interested in seeing what I got for Christmas!

Amy might kill me for posting this...but how could I not? She is 18 weeks today. Woo hoo!


crispy said...

It was nice to see the pics of you and your family. I was thinking of you guys on Christmas Eve this year and wondered what you were doing.
It is nice to see a picture of Carol. I pray for her often.
Glad you had a nice holiday.


elizabeth said...

Your posts always make me smile! I miss you and agree that one hour together was definitely not long enough... we'll have to visit again soon!

IKEA!!!! One of my favorite stores - so glad you were able to share it with the fam.