Sunday, November 25, 2007

Worth the drive?...YES!

As my friend Amanda would say, I have a bad case of "travel whiplash" from this weekend. It was worth it though to see everyone...including Amy's baby bump.

My cousins are having kids! Meet David.

My grandpa holding the newest addition to the Van Wye family, Alex. Annabelle is ready to become a big sister in March. There were pregnant women and new babies everywhere!

Because my time was limited, I spent all 3 nights with different relatives. I felt like a gypsy, but it was fun! Wednesday night was spent with my Aunt Angel, Thursday with my cousin Laura and her precious little family, and Friday night with my grandparents.

I drove a different route home and loved the scenery, not to mention the shorter trip!
Love those Tennessee hills!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your families and friends.

I rarely cross the line that exists in the blog world between surface level and transparent posts. So much has been going on in my heart in the last month that I don't feel like it is right for me to not mention it.

I am changing. My heart is different. My eyes are beginning to view life in a new way. Everything about my life has been questioned and the answers are restoring a part of me that I did not know needed a healing.

I am not sure if people around me would notice the difference, but I am certain of it. I don’t look any different. I don’t speak differently (although, I wish I had an accent).

I am thankful for the last weeks that have almost put me over the edge. I am thankful for my God who pushes me to pursue faith and wild adventure with Him. I am thankful for the days I wake up and feel like God has left me so that I may search after Him only to realize that He has been with me all along. I am thankful for my God who loves and chooses me in spite of myself.

It is strange to see and feel God work.

He is up to something.

I can feel the motion. What is it?

I am praying for the patience to find out.

He is breaking me.

I am glad.


Anonymous said...

We had "GREAT THANKSGIVING" we so love Turkey and Giblets, not to mention piling it all in a bowl and smothering it with gravy. Best Wishes, to your house from Natural Ways. (You take great photos)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your blogs....they are so wonderful and descriptive. It is as if, I was along on the journey with you!!! Promise me; you will think about going into photography! Your friend in KS. Luv and best wishes for a great finals week and a Merry, Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Girl I wish I would have known you were in town...I'd loved to have seen you!!!
Karen Kurinka

Anonymous said...

Have you got your list ready for Santa? You are certainly lucky, because what he does not bring you in Dec. he will bring the following month for the big #27.