Saturday, October 06, 2007

ONE Float

I can officially check something off of my life list. I've now participated in building a float! That's what I love about this job....random opportunities to stretch myself!

Homecoming is this weekend and all of the Resident Directors and their Resident Assistants were responsible for creating a Residence Life float. Thankfully, the National Guard Armory let us build and decorate the float in their big garage. We were even surrounded by tanks and ammunition. The one thing that bothered me most, was that the armory didn't even have a ladies restroom. Come on guys, we all know there are women in the military now. (maybe the building is just old?)

This is the University's 101st year, so each float had to have a theme about the next Century. I will elaborate more later, but this year the Residence Life float chose to highlight our participation with the ONE campaign. Following Andrea's (the other one..not me) guidance and trusting her float building experience, we managed to build a great float! I think it looked like a big, fluffy cake. We sprayed and stuffed thousands of pieces of paper tissue into chicken wire.
I'll just say it...the other floats were jealous.
After a few hours, the spray adhesive fumes started to affect us. We even managed to have some fun checking out the other floats. One had a huge time capsule that looked a lot like a coffin to us!

Marcus, what are you doing?

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