Monday, October 29, 2007

NYC Recap (Sunday)

Sunday was yet another gorgeous sunny day! We started things out by taking the bus down to where the World Trade Centers use to stand tall. As we exited the bus we walked past St. Paul's Chapel and decided to stop. I'm glad we did because I ended up enjoying this little chapel much more then ground zero. Since it was Sunday morning, there was a service just wrapping up and it really added more charm to the already quaint chapel. Inside and around the perimeter of the chapel, there was a small memorial set up with pictures and stories from September 11th. Surrounding the chapel outside was a cemetery with mostly old headstones. So old, that any headstone of a woman read something like, "Here Lies Mary Jane, wife of James Walker."

Thankfully we managed to still have some pictures of the cathedral thanks to my mom and Amy.

Even though there wasn't much to see at ground zero, it was still so strange to be standing where so much destruction and sadness had taken place. I can't even imagine the horror of that day. Thankfully I was able to see the towers in 2001 with my mom and Nancy. We went inside the lobby and took some pictures with all of the flags. A few months later I was thousands of miles away, back in Missouri in class at a community college when they fell.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to Brooklyn so we wouldn't miss our lunch reservation. We tried to use the subway, but found at that it wasn't going where we needed to go that day! Apparently the subway schedule on the weekends is sort of up in the air. Even the people that lived there couldn't figure out what was going on.

Still holding out faith that the right train would come, we took a quick family picture. I have to add that right after this we spotted a disgusting rat down on the tracks. We could finally check that off our "must see" list in New York.

With our lunch reservation time of 12:30pm drawing near, we grabbed a minivan taxi and headed across the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn. The picture above is of the Manhattan Bridge.

My parent's neighbor, Carol, grew up in Brooklyn. In her honor and per her advice, we had lunch at Peter Luger Steakhouse. Our lunch was definitely delicious and the portions were huge. When the menu says "steak for two" they mean "steak for four." Thanks Carol for the recommendation!

One of my favorite things about being in this part of Brooklyn was that we were surrounded by the Jewish community. All of the Jewish men were wearing clothes, Yarmulkes, hats, shoes. As we were waiting outside to be seated, I couldn't help but be fascinated with the way they live their lives. There are times that I wish I had more tradition in my life.

We took the subway to the Brooklyn Tabernacle in order to make it to the 3:30pm Celebration service....and it sure was a celebration! The 300 member choir sang 4 songs and it was incredible. The thing I loved most about the choir was that it represented every type of Christian. Young, old, black, white, Asian, men, women, conservative, dreadlocks...and so on. It was so fun to sing my little guts out, clap and raise my hands in praise along with the congregation and choir. There was this one song about how even if we lose everything, we don't have to give up our praise. I think it was called "Still Have My Praise." I've been trying to find it online to no avail. If you know the song, help me out! There is just nothing like a choir that big. Talk about goose bumps...seriously though, I can't even fathom what Heaven will be like if a choir can be so good on earth. We were also able to hear a testimony from a man that used to be a mafia hit man. God has dramatically changed his life, and it was exciting to hear his story.

On the way home we ran into this gorgeous stained glass art on the subway platform. That's one pro to the Brooklyn subways we were on. Most of them were above ground, so we could actually see something while we were riding. We were able to take the subway all the way uptown to our hotel, and it was such a gorgeous ride home. It was right at sunset and it was literally an overwhelming experience for me. The subway was packed tight, and I was just another sardine in the can. As we were crossing one of the bridges, the skyline was breathtaking and it just looked like God was showing off. The sky was about 5 different shades of sunset. Simply gorgeous. (For the record, I had pictures of this too...moment of silence)

By the time we got back to our hotel it was later then we had expected and we were once again tired. So we called it a day with some smoothies and pizza. On an interesting note, Amy and I watched "Loose Change," a documentary about September 11th. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it was very interesting. If you are into that kind of thing, you can find it on You Tube.

This was a long post.....and I think this was our least busy day!


Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time deciding which day was my favorite. I loved them all for different reasons.

missy said...

i love reading your writing!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I felt the same way about Brooklyn Tabernacle. When they started singing I had goosebumps. I've never heard anything like it. How wonderful heaven will be!