Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NYC Recap (Monday)

Monday was our last full day in the city, so we decided to squeeze in as much as we could! That sounds pretty stressful, but actualy this was the most laidback day we had! The day started early with us grabbing a Starbucks and catching the bus to Rockefeller Plaza. Did I mention how much more we preferred the bus over the subway?

We picked a prime spot at the Today Show taping and were able to see Meredith and shake Al's hand!

Here's a distance shot of Heroes star Adrian Pasdar. He also happens to be married to Natalie from the Dixie Chicks!

After watching them tape the show for about an hour we moved on to see the rest of Rockefeller Plaza.

Dad and Mom

St. Patrick's Cathedral was our next stop and thankfully, it was right across the street! I don't know what it is about me and Catholic churches, but this was another highlight of my trip. And the funny thing is, this wasn't my first visit to the cathedral! It was just as gorgeous as I remember, inside and out.


Saks Fifth Avenue had all of their store windows dedicated to Princess Grace of Monaco. Each window had a dress designed by a current designer in her honor. The designers included Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen and Vera Wang. The windows were so regal!

The Fuller "Flatiron" Building

After a quick stop in Sephora, we met up with the guys who had done some shoppping of their own and together we headed to Madison Square Park. I loved this park! It was so quaint and not as overwhelming as Central Park. We had a yummy lunch at the Shake Shack and enjoyed the sunny afternoon in the park.

In my opinion, you can't see NYC without stopping at this jewel....

After Grand Central Terminal we hit the road again, this time on the hunt for a maternity store we had seen earlier in the weekend. It just so happened that right outside was a vendor with a great selection of handbags. Remember when the fake Kate Spades used to be the only ones available? Not any more! This guy had every lable, in every color!

We had so much fun shopping for clothes with Amy Ruth. This store even had a fake belly pillow to try on with your clothes! The store catered to Amy's every need, even providing us with drinks to stay hydrated for all the shopping we were doing! Can I just say again, how excited I am about this baby! (squeal!)

After a quick change at the hotel, we made our way down to Pier 83 for our evening cruise of the city. Like the brochure says, "New York was made to be seen from the water!" It was so fun! We decided to sit up top and we had great seats. I got cracked up listening to the vocabulary of the British tourists sitting behind us. They used words like "biscuits", "smashing" and "tasty bites."

Our cruise guide was quite informative. We learned all about each building we passed by. At first it was nice, and then I started to tune him out and just focused on taking pictures. By the time we reached the Statue of Liberty, the sunset was perfect. Literally perfect. Lady Liberty looked so pretty and strong at the same time. Right as we were floating up to her, my camera tells me that my memory card is full. In the rush of the moment, I just popped it out and put it in my bag and continued taking pictures with my camera's internal memory. If I could turn back time, I would have placed the memory card in a zippered compartment....if only.....

It was so peaceful on that boat. I'm glad that we saved the cruise for our last night. I highly recommend a cruise!

After our 2 hour boat tour, we took the bus to Times Square to make our 9pm reservations at Havana Central. We had a delicious Cuban dinner and even Adam and Amy (the Cuban food experts) thought the food was good!

After dinner we all crashed! This ends our last full day in NYC. Check back in a little while... I've saved my Polaroid shots for my last post about the trip.


rachel said...

I wish I would of known about the maternity store before we went!! I would of loved that!

Anonymous said...

I think we should offer to be tour guides if anyone should need us! I can't wait to go again. So much to do and see still! I LOVED IT ALL!!! mom