Thursday, October 25, 2007

New York Recap (Friday)

I have a lot of pictures, and not enough time or patience to sit down to produce one long blog post. So I thought I would do things in small segments! Piece by will see New York through the eyes of the "Fab 5" as my mother so affectionately calls us.

Planes landed, hugs happened, and we were off to get checked in to the hotel. My mom did a great job in choosing The Salisbury Hotel. It wasn't a chain hotel, so it still had a lot of charm and warmth to it. It was an older building, and I couldn't help but think that our suite might have been someone's apartment back in the day. I loved that the wooden floors creaked underneath the carpet when we walked.

The weather was a bit dreary, but that didn't stop us from hitting the ground running! We hit up a few shops around our hotel and then headed back to get ready for our night on Broadway!

We had a wonderful dinner at Seeda Thai. If you love Thai food and are visiting the city anytime soon, we recommend you give them a try. It was a really quaint restaurant with a great atmosphere for an intimate birthday dinner.

During dinner, Adam and Amy surprised us all by announcing their pregnancy and handing out ultrasound pictures! To say I am elated would be an understatement. I'm sure I'll be dedicating quite a bit of this blog to Amy's growing belly in the coming months. Their precious gift is set to arrive late May!

After our exciting dinner of curry, ultrasound pics and tears, we headed to the Gershwin Theatre to tuck ourselves into our great seats for a couple of hours to take in Wicked. I loved everything about the musical. The entire show was worth the price of entry for the "Popular" song alone. If you ever have the chance, see it!

Here's our view of the stage. Front row balcony wasn't too shabby! That's Oz in the green, sparkly, center part of the map.

After a long day, we braved the subway and headed home!

I guess now is the time I should tell you about the one small glitch of the NYC trip. It's a long story...but the night before we left, I misplaced my memory card with hundreds of pictures from the weekend on it. I still have not found it. It's probably long gone by now. I was obviously upset and in my typical dramatic fashion pretty much grieved with myself all the way home yesterday.
Thankfully the Lord put things into perspective for me as I watched the news this morning with horror as the reporter spoke of 1300 homes lost to the California fires.... Fire fighters so badly burned that they were being put into drugged induced comas due to the pain. Atleast I had a home with all of my things in tact to come home to.
This afternoon I saw my co-worker whose mother died this past week. All day long I had been thinking about myself and mourning the loss of some pictures...while he was driving home after burying his mother. I felt my heart sink to the ground when he had the strength to ask how my weekend was. I instantly felt silly for being so sad about a few pictures.
My mom is alive and well.
My house didn't burn down.
How's that for perspective?


Anonymous said...

Ahh! Perspective...isn't it wonderful! Your blog sounds so wonderful it makes me want to go back again real soon. Good times;-)

missy said...

it is good that you are able to "look on the bright side of things". however, i do feel for you that you lost your pictures - you'll just have to close your eyes, take yourself there and hold on to the memories that way:) great blog. i will be anxiously awaiting for day 2!!!

missy said...

sorry to comment again, but i just read your comment on rachel's blog... you saw woody allen?!!!! please include the story in one of your posts... we love him:)

Anonymous said...

Well I am anxious to read more about your trip! I thought of you all weekend just wondering what you were doing. Did you just love "Defying Gravity" too?! By the way, you'll make a fabulous aunt!
love ya

Cindy said...

we are so excited for adam and amy!
Wicked is amazing, isn't it?

elizabeth said...

Sounds like you guys had an amazing time! Thanks for sharing! Congratulations to you (the aunt-to-be) and to Amy and Adam... I'm sure everyone is SO excited!