Saturday, October 06, 2007

Campus Challenge

This week on campus, it's been ALL about the ONE campaign. Why you ask? Our school is a part of of a nationwide Campus Challenge to promote the ONE campaign by recruiting students.

The ONE campaign was established to raise public awareness about the issues of global poverty, hunger, disease and efforts to fight such problems in the world's poorest countries. The ONE campaign doesn't want your money, or even your time, they just want your voice , your intention, in the campaign against extreme poverty. I'm sure you've seen their commercials and print ads featuring Bono. While there's nothing like a celebrity to draw a crowd to a cause, for me it's still about one story at a time, one unique person doing something with his or her own individual gifts.

The folks from decided to have a little competition among Universities across the US. To win the competition each school has to earn points by doing things like getting people to sign their name to the declaration, start a ONE chapter on campus, and etc. It seems strange that a competition exists to reduce poverty, but it's definitely a motivator. My only fear is that people will get too distracted from the cause while they're focusing on winning. We are doing our best to not let that happen.

CU is a small University, and ONE is taking over the campus like the best kind of epidemic. Our small University in the middle of Kentucky is currently ranked #5 in the nation for the Campus Challenge! Can you believe that!?

If you have a minute, would you sign up to help? You don't have to be a student here! Just click here and type in Campbellsville University (as the school) and your email address. I've only received one email thanking me for signing up and I haven't received anything else. This isn't a mailing list.

Above is a collage of pictures from our ONE table in the cafeteria. Thankfully Andrea's son, Maddox, helped with the recruiting!
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy week! Your first float looks great. Lots of work for one parade. It's a shame you couldn't park it in your lobby just to look at it a while. lol
I hope you get rested up before we hit the streets of NYC in just 12 day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are crazier than a truck load of caged monkeys. I bet you are thinking it's about time you responded. I guess that I am no longer a lurker. Hope you & your mom have fun in NY!