Monday, September 24, 2007

Standing Fans

Fall is in the air....and apparently, so is love. Meet my friends and their significant others. Dusty and Emily are on the left, and Garrett and Erika are on the right. Congrats to Dusty and Emily...they just got engaged this weekend.

Friday night, 6 of us headed to Georgetown, KY for a free Dave Barnes concert. Not only was it free, but it was only 2 hours away and outdoors. We just couldn't pass up that opportunity!

First up was Gabe Dixon (minus the rest of his band). He is a native New Yorker and reminds me of a young Billy Joel. If you are having blog dejavu, don't be alarmed. I saw Gabe and Dave together in concert around my birthday in Nashville.

So Gabe's set was kind of mellow, and people at this point were still arriving. So in between sets, we get up stretch, walk around a bit and are anxiously awaiting for Dave to take the stage.

What happened next was the most awkward thing I've experienced in a long time.

Dave comes out...and immediately starts playing one of his fabulous upbeat songs. We were on about the third row and we, along with those in front of us, stay standing up and are just enjoying the music...singing and dancing along in our own little Dave worlds. Well about half way through the song, we start to hear "booing" coming from behind us. I turn around and no one else is standing up.

These people had clearly never been to a Dave Barnes concert. I have never sat down at any of his concerts. NEVER. So then there was this awkward moment, of "what do we do?" The people in front of us were like, just keep standing with us....everyone will stand up eventually. The booing kept getting louder and my resolve was weakening. I don't know who sat down first, but finally all 40ish of us gave in and sat down for the rest of the concert. The minute we sat down, everyone started cheering.

I was mortified. I was angry. I was fuming!

If it had been anyone else in concert, I think we would have left, but since it was Dave, he was worth it! It was so hard to just sit there as he played songs like "Everybody Knows But You" and "Someday Sarah."

Needless to say, we left pretty fast afterward. I was afraid people were going to beat us up on our way to our cars. So here's my question. What should we have done? Forfeit a good time to please the other people in the crowd? Should we have stood firm and just enjoyed the concert standing up?

All I know is that it took a trip to Waffle House for an order of these to salvage the night.

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hillenblogshappywife said...

We went to a Dave concert at SBU and everyone sat thru the whole thing! I hate concerts you sit thru. I would say "Keep standing!!!", but i would have probably sat too.