Friday, September 07, 2007


Jana, Sarah and I waiting for the concert to begin!

The night kicked off with a performance from Monk and Neagle. I wish they would have had more time to play! But with three acts, it was going to be a long night of great music. We had to get the show on the road!

Next up was Bebo. Let me just tell you, he never disappoints. He even played my favorite song, "Walk Down This Mountain." Bebo is a dad now, and I think it's changed him....he was even better then I ever remember him being. He had this crazy talented musician named Gabe with him that played 7 different instruments. 4 of them are pictured above. I never realized how much of a dulcimer fan I was until tonight. It reminded me of Rich Mullins.

One of my favorite parts about the concert, is that the words to the songs were up on huge screens. It was such a great experience to hear the artist sing it, but then be given the chance to sing along too! I told Sarah that these guy's lyrics were so gritty, I felt I was reading their journals or something. There were songs about tasting the goodness of the Lord, begging the Lord to make us whole, yearning for the was one of those nights that their words could be felt deep down into my stomach.

Rounding out the show were Shane and Shane. This was my first time to see these guys live. When I hear them, I think of Nepal. The Shanes and I have a mutual friend in Melissa. As a completely out of touch expat living in South Asia, she kindly reintroduced me to their music. After Melissa returned home from spending Christmas in Nepal, about one month later I received a package from her friends, the Shanes. Inside was a handwritten letter from them thanking me for my service in Nepal. They were also kind enough to include a few signed cds. Thus began my deep love for all things Shane. Their thoughtfulness meant so much. I listened to those cds on repeat that last year.

The Shanes didn't just perform a concert, they led us all in worship. It was such a precious night. I might even go as far as to say it ranks up there in my top 5 concerts of all time!

Please do yourself a favor and see if the Pages tour is coming to your area. It was WELL worth the 1.5 hour drive to Lexington. Click here for tour dates.
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Anonymous said...

Once again your descriptions leave me wanting to hear more. Glad you changed your calendar in time to see you had a concert scheduled! lol