Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Free Weekend

I'm back...and I'm feeling fully charged. Thanks to the over the top generosity of Tisha, Deb and Tim, I had a wonderful weekend.

I finally made it to a Hobby Lobby to see Elsie's new scrapbook line with my very own eyes! We went downtown one afternoon, and spent both nights out at the mini-chimney (or whatever it's called).After one long year, I finally partook of my favorite food of all time...Thai!

I picked up a few cute pairs of shoes and unexpectedly attended a church that supported my family when we were missionaries. It was a fun, low-key weekend. The drive back to KY through the fields was peaceful.

Can anyone guess where I went?
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Anonymous said...

You look great! Your hair is long and cute...can't wait to see you in NYC!