Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who knew?

Who knew that I would end up jealous of my dad's travels? Today he heads for Hong Kong, and I wish I were going with him. He always brings back great souvenirs, and I'm sure this time won't be an exception! ;)

If you'd like to join me in praying for my dad, here's a list of requests-

~Safe travel
~Arrival of his luggage
~Quick adjustment to the culture and time difference
~That he would be an encouragement to the group he is sharing with
~No sickness!
~Safe return home with all of his luggage.
~Quick recovery from jet lag

Here is another picture story on what the world eats. People actually eat Polar Bear!
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Anonymous said...

HK is great! The picture on your blog is mild compared to real life.I had supper at an Indian diner and thought of you as I ate my chicken/veggie of course. You would have loved it!

Thanks for the prayers...some have already been answered...Let the shopping begin!