Monday, July 30, 2007

So Long Summer

This has been a busy summer. In the months of June and July, there have been over 4000 summer campers on campus. I'm so ready to have adults back in my building! One of the nice things about this summer, was that I was able to be a part of some incredible worship and hear some great speakers. My favorite speaker by far was Elvis' step-brother.

As you can see, camp has come a long way since I was a camper. State of the art stage shows, lights, fog, dove award nominated artists as worship leaders.... These kids had activities ranging from financial planning to aerobics. I'm dead serious! The collage above are some snap shots from the "Glory Phi God" camp joining us from Detroit.

My Resident Assistants arrive on Friday to begin training for the new school year. I'm so excited! This time around, I'll be able to train them, instead of arriving in the middle of the semester! Look for an RA introduction blog soon.

With the end of my "summer" approaching, I have some students starting to trickle into the building. Today I had 2 Taiwanese girls move back in. After getting the girls checked in, I heard a knock on my door. There they stood holding a tiny gift box in their hands. They handed the box to me and gestured for me to open it. The box was wrapped in baby pink wrapping paper with tiny cherries on it. Inside was a precious miniature teapot ornament. "A small piece of Taiwan for your apartment," she said.

Moments like this fill my love tank.
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Anonymous said...

I love the teapot! What a perfect word picture..."moments like this fill my love tank." God always has a way of letting you know He's there! mom

Anonymous said...

Back in Alaska, you met Rick Stanley. He was at ABT a couple of times. We may even have a picture of our fam with Him?