Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Main Street Parade

1. To start the morning off, we had breakfast with some of the Confederate Reenactment Soldiers. Let me tell you, these guys were authentic.
2-3. Old Fashioned Barber Shop
4-5. Main Street character
6. After meeting Gloria, we became instant friends. She happily posed for a picture!
7. This one is for my Aunt Angel and Janet
8-13. Veterans and Patriotic scenes
14-22. Parade staples
23. the local steeple manufacturer float!
24. Library window
25. My once a year treat~

Isn't he a precious clown?
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Anonymous said...

There is just something different about the feeling of a small town parade. People just loving life and proud to be part of a small community. The best part is you can either walk home or endure the 4 blocks of bad traffic! ;-) I loved your pictures, especially the clown...he makes me smile! mom

Elizabeth said...

Oh my! With celebrations like this I should have made the trip to Kentucky... Ohio's 4th of July was LAME. No fireworks until Saturday night!! Can you even believe it?