Friday, July 13, 2007

I heart PBS

Here's another one of those things that makes me ME....I love PBS. It all started in High school after I watched the Ken Burns Civil War Documentary. Historical reality shows, Antique Roadshow, Documentaries....I love it all!

So today I checked out the line up for tonight, and look what I found on at 9pm! Yay! I'm such a dork...really I am. Maybe I should do a post dedicated to all the things that make me weird? Moving right along...I also am a fan of synchronized swimming, and have always been amazed at how those ladies do it. It amazes me every time. When I was little, my cousin Laura and I would make up routines in our Grandpa's pool and kick up our legs and make the family come and watch. Here are a few things I didn't know about "SS."

~it started out as a male sport.
~they put non-flavored jello on their hair to keep the hair in place.
~they sew in an extra nose clip into their swimming suits in case they lose one on the dive in.

Ok, I'm going to quit before I divulge anymore embarrassing information about myself. PBS and Synchronized Swimming is enough for one day.
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Anonymous said...

Aww! I hate it that I missed the show. mom