Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pleased to meet you....again.

Just recently, via the wonders of Facebook and a great mutual friend, I've become friends with Shelly. We both are great friends with Amanda, and we just figured we should be great friends too. So here we were swapping getting to know you stories via email, when Shelly says, "Andrea, I've already met you!" But the embarrassing part is, is that I never remember meeting her! "How is this possible?" you might ask...well let me tell you.

Travel with me back to the year 2004.

The month: August
The place: Phuket, Thailand

When I was working overseas, our mission board would have an annual meeting for our region in a secure country, usually Thailand. It was a one week vacation, meeting, time of renewal, and fellowship. Thailand was like heaven compared to the countries we lived in. We could show our arms and legs, could look the other sex in the eye when we talked, eat beef, worship in English, and mainly be around hundreds of other missionaries who were in the same boat. Well one night for dinner a bunch of the single twenty-somethings went to an Italian restaurant. And that night I met Shelly. I sat across the table from her for goodness sake! I was about to end my term, and she was a fresh faced newbie.

Upon further inspection of my pictures from that trip, I found the one above. Shelly is the one in the navy t-shirt, drinking from a glass. Me and my scandalous bare arm are not hard to spot as I'm rudely reaching across the table.

I don't remember what we talked about that night, but 3 years later we've met again, and I am so thrilled.

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