Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Jess-E-ka

Meet Jessica. Today is her birthday! The last time I celebrated her birthday with her, we were in Nepal....(moment of silence) I love and miss Jessica a lot! I don't think I've told her this, but I like to call her my "organic" friend, because she lives on the west coast in Washington. My memories of Jessica take place in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and about a well traveled friendship~

Here is quick list of reasons Jessica is a great gal....
1. She does dead on impressions of random car horns, small appliances, animals and etc.
2. She was still my friend after I crashed the motorcycle she was a passenger on.
3. She got back on the motorcycle with me!
4. She always has the perfect thing to say in any situation.
5. She loves South Asia.
6. She was a great roomate.
7. She brings a female perspective into all of her male dominated seminary classes.
8. She is always up for an trekking to Everest Base Camp!
9. She is a natural blonde.
10. She loves Jesus, and through our friendship, presses me to love Him even more.
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Andrea said...

I'm not sure why blogger has the dates messed up, but I posted this on Friday, June 8th, which Jessica's birthday.