Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Food for Thought

One of my favorite websites is Time Magazine's Photo Essay Page. It is a blend of a lot of my favorite things, but mostly pictures that tell a story. I ran across a story recently about how the world eats. The story chronicles 15 families from around the world and what they eat and spend on food during an average week. Click Here to check it out. There were some funny observations, like how much alcohol the Germans had in their spread, but then there were some disturbing images such as the small display of food the Sudanese family had. It's really amazing to see how many American name brands I recognized in the pictures. During my travels in Asia, I never went to a village where I couldn't buy a Coke. It might have been expensive, but somehow it was always available. Check out some other stories on this website...there is even one about Mount Everest!

The family pictured above is the Ukita family of Japan. Their food expenditure for one week: $317.25. Photo courtesy of TIME magazine.
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Preston and Courtney said...

That Time article was awesome. I loved the Mexican family. It was fun to look at the stuff we see and buy in the stores everyday!!! That was a perfect typical Mexican family!!

The Germans were funny with their spread of alcohol. Notice they were the family who spends the most per week and they really looked the happiest!!!

I really enjoyed that...thanks for posting it. Take Care

Anonymous said...

What an interesting set of photos. I am trying to imagine what a photo of our groceries for a week would look like. mom

Brad Lee said...

That rocks! Thanks for being a spice in my life. Love the blog!