Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Comment Time

Ok, I just can't stand it anymore! I saw this on another blog, so please, for once...indulge me! I'm thrilled that people read my blog, but it drives me crazy to not know who you are.

Here is who I recognize....

Ocala, FL-my family
Springfield, MO- could be a number of people thanks to Hillenblog
Kansas City, MO- more friends
Atlanta, GA-more family
Ohio-even more friends

So who are the rest of you?! I get random hits from all parts of Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Georgia, California, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, China...

I know you have been dying to comment but you think... "She doesn't even know me...or what if she thinks I stalk her?" Come out from behind your shadows in "Lurkerville." Now is your chance. Leave a comment and please introduce yourself.

If everyone participates, this will be fun....


Andrea said...

My name is Andrea. I'm the author of the blog. (this is an example to get things started!)


Anonymous said...

I think you know I read your blog but I'll comment just to let you know!

Sarah THompson

Preston and Courtney said...

Courtney Goings
I live in Mexico but I am from Springfield. I think you know though.

team bartlett said...

I live in Michigan, but work in Toledo, Ohio, so some of your hits may be coming from me.

About a year ago, I came across Hillenblog and just regularly go down the sites on the side to see what people I knew from High Street were up to.

I know what you mean, I have a reader from Reston, Virginia and I have no idea who it could be.

Kim (Holland) Bartlett

Brad Lee said...

I never read your blog.

Rosannadannah said...


I am the Texas one. If you see several hits from there it is probably me. I get bored a lot and look for updates. I am addicted to reading about other people's lives. Makes it sound like I don't have one of my own, doesn't it?


admin/internet nerd said...

hits are tracked by ip address. since most people have dsl or cable for internet at their homes, their ip address is dynamic. depending on the isp, that ip address could be traced to a location in TX when it's actually me sitting in my living room in Spfld - because..... ip addresses are registered to a specific office address used by the isp, so traces will reflect that - not the location of the end user.

So..... moral of the story. Hit trackers are NOT 100% accurate.

not to burst your bubble, you may very well have had visitors from all of those places. i just thought i'd give you the facts.

i go through the same thing all the time.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. It is always so interesting. You may not remember me but I remember you from when you were a little girl. I am Hillenblog's mom, known on the blog as Hillengrandma.

Hillenblog said...

Andrea! Springburg here...Keep up the good work.

Sanders said...

Love your blog... too cute! BKK! ~Tiffany Sanders