Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm admitting it here and now.
I was a closet Country music fan.
Now, I know that true country enthusiasts would say I don't count because I like all of the mainstream artists like Faith, Carrie, Tim, Rascals and the Chicks. Although, since living in Kentucky, I have discovered that I'm falling more in love with folk artists too.
After catching my main man Blake tear it up on the AI stage, I flipped past the Country Music Awards and heard this song.
An entire song dedicated to picking off ticks? I mean, come on. I liked Brad Paisley until this moment. (who am I kidding, I'll still like the man because he is married to the girl from Father of the Bride) As if the song itself was not bad enough, imagine my disgust as I discover that while he is singing, there are animated ticks crawling across the huge screen behind him.
What's going to be next? A song about..................I can't think of anything worse then a song about ticks.
In other boring news, my May term class is going ok. I love it that in 15 three-hour classes, I will have earned 3 credit hours. That's what I keep telling myself as I study for the tests that we have EVERY DAY. This weekend is the first of 4 Freshman Orientations. This is when I will be handing out room assignments. I know that a roomate can make or break a college experience, so I've put a ton of pressure on myself to match everyone up perfectly.
What a random post this has turned out to be. Sorry.