Saturday, April 28, 2007

Centennial Luau

Sometimes I look at back at this blog and wonder why I feel like you might actually care about my every day life here in Kentucky. It would be far most interesting if I were somewhere exotic...writing about not having power and posting pictures of me in front of a world wonder.
(There are many similarities between my experience living overseas and living here in Kentucky...but that's another post entirely)

Moving on.....last night we had the Centennial Luau. They hoisted up a huge tent in front of our building on the lawn, and started warming up a huge grill/smoker on Thursday. So Friday morning I woke up to the smell of BBQ at senses were not quite ready for that. The Luau was so fun and the decorations were gorgeous. Each table had a brightly colored table cloth with an elaborate tropical centerpiece. There were Hawaiian leis on the back of each chair and a flip flop key chain for everyone! Some came in their grass skirts and Rick Warren shirts, but most everyone had on long sleeves because it was cold again. BOO.

The meal was delicious, but the atmosphere was a little loud since we chose the table next to the speakers. Note to self---don't do that again. We weren't sure why they chose to play a Latin Dance CD all night....we wanted the Beach Boys!

As I look out the window they are taking down the tent and life is moving on....back to reality. Finals start Monday. (cue scary music)
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