Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bollywood's Brangelina

Former Miss World and Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai married Bollywood
heart-throb Abhishek Bachchan on Friday. Keeping with Indian tradition, she will move in with her husband and his parents and will take his family name.

Although I'm glad that the "living with the in-laws" thing isn't a tradition in the USA, I'm thrilled that she is honoring her husband by taking his name. I've always wanted to meet Aishwarya. I'm sure that once we become friends I will call her Aishwarya and not Aish for short like everyone else. As friends we will have frequent mendhi parties, go on a tour of Mumbai, and she will let me be an extra in her next Bollywood film. (I'm sure I'll fit right in)

As soon as we meet, I'll tell her about Jesus as fast as I can. I'm pretty sure she will have already heard of Him, and may worship Him in addition to the many Hindu gods she already prays to. I want so badly for her to be saved. (she's one of many)

You know when you read something and you think about how good it was, and then when you want to go back and read it, you forget where it was? Well, recently I was reading someone's blog and they were talking about their sermon from that morning at church. Their pastor had talked about how we mistakenly call the unsaved "seekers," when in all actuality, God is the one seeking them....making the unsaved the "sought."

So today's post is dedicated to the new
Mr. and Mrs. Bachchan....newlyweds sought after by God Himself.


Emily said...

Amy Winehouse is amazing! I'm actually headed over to Wal-Mart after I get off work to buy her album; I saw it there last night for like $9! Score!

I may just blog about her...I dunno.:)