Friday, March 16, 2007

Shaker Your Date?

For some reason I was born without that "Homesickness" chip that most everyone has in their brain. I'm pretty sure most people that know me would agree with this.... I don't mean to be cold hearted, and please don't hear me wrong. I do miss my family and friends! I'm just saying that I was never the girl at the slumber party who had to go back home, and after both summer's in Nepal, I wasn't ready to come home after 8 weeks. While I was living overseas, I realized that this missing chip does cause one major problem... When I see my family and friends after having not seen them in a while, I get SO emotional and don't want them to leave! It's like I remember what I've been missing...then I get in this funk...and have to recover for most of the day.

I say ALL of that to tell you that my mom came to visit! And before you search the pictures below, I'll go ahead and tell you that we were having so much fun, we completely forgot to take the obligatory stretched out arm self portrait.

Saturday night we shopped our way through Elizabethtown (yes, its the same town as the movie) on our way home from Louisville. Sunday morning mom attended the Vineyard with me. As a nice surprise, my friend Marcus was teaching! He did an incredible job, and even coined a new phrase sweeping across central Kentucky.....we should be living "Jesusly." It only makes sense if you heard his lesson, and we were both glad we did. After church we went to Fiesta Mexico, my favorite restaurant in town.

Monday morning I became a legal Kentuckian. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet...but I'm glad to be legal! Can I just say at this point, that the weather was perfect all day long?! We hit the road and drove about an hour on the "Scenic Kentucky Byway," and it lived up to its name. We arrived at our destination, the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill just in time for lunch.

The best place to learn about the Shaker Village is on the website linked above. Pleasant Hill is a restored village once built and inhabited by an extremely religious sect, the Shakers. I wouldn't usually peg myself as the tourist type, but this place was so informative...not to mention, fun to photograph. At lunch there was a piece of paper on the table with 3 words on the front. It would make sense that it said, "Shaker Your Plate," since we were eating. BUT, we also thought that it could have said "Shaker Your Date," because it was full of historical facts and dates about the Shakers. When we asked our waitress, we caused quite a scene because the entire staff was in the other room laughing at us. As my Grandpa Henry would say, we were just creating an alibi. They assured us it was "plate." But atleast we gave them something to think about... Take a look at the picture and judge for yourself.

Speaking of my Grandfather, shortly after he was saved, he moved his wife and 4 kids from Ashland, Ohio to Louisville, KY to work in a church. Mom really wanted to see if the house was still around, and we found it! I'm pretty impressed that it looks so good after 40 years. The house was in good condition...but the area had too many strip joints to count.

No visit from mom would be complete without her cooking a delicious meal, finding a Gap Outlet I didn't know we had, and multiple $1 sweet teas from McDonalds.

Mom you are a great map girl, and after this weekend, I'm thinking we would make a great team on Amazing Race. (I wouldn't do that to you though) Thank you so much for your servant's heart, generosity, and hugs. I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me share your Spring break with you. Getting a "visual" of where you are is totally a "mom" thing. I am so proud to be your momma. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!! I miss you! Hope to hear from you sometime soon!

Love, Angel