Thursday, March 22, 2007

Eulogy for a dear, departed laptop

Farewell old friend, you have been good to me.

Always the reliable figure, You've lived to a ripe old age of 6, which was quite an accomplishment for something like you. We've been through times together throughout Nepal, and the beginning of this second University attempt. Through the years, until the very bitter end, you remained mostly in good shape, with all parts working. You've put in excellent service for me, and you've made me look cooler than I actually am just by gracing me with your presence. Death by hijacking and spy ware did you in, and you never regained life after suffering a massive shutdown of your vital parts. I did all I could! All these years of paying money for anti-virus software apparently did no good.

I can't say I was surprised when you died. Your death was a long time coming. Your deterioration started when I took you to Nepal. There you suffered through thousands of power outages and surges, monsoon season, and the occasional accidental drop. You traveled all over the world in your short life. Dubai, Bangkok, Delhi...I tend to think that Dubai was your favorite spot.

I took you to the IT department for a small internet issue...little did I know you only had hours to live. You've been a silent trooper all these years. I'll need to replace you as soon a possible...maybe all the readers out there reading your tribute will offer some suggestions as to what I should replace you with????!!! (hint hint)


Anonymous said...

Of course Dubai was it's favorite place :) oh the days...karen