Saturday, February 24, 2007

Welcome to the World!

Dear Josiah,

Welcome to the world! I'm so glad you are here,
and I wish I could come hold you. I'm already
jealous of the life you will get to live as a missionary
kid in South Asia. Right off the bat, you will probably
have a motorcycle helmet before you start school.
You will grow up with your mom wearing pants
underneath her dresses. (it's ok, all the ladies do it there)
You will have friends from ALL over the world!
You will learn to drive a motorcyle, before a car.
Speaking atleast 2 languages will be really cool when
you come back to the US for visits. You'll grow up
playing football with a white and black ball......
there are so many things you have to look forward
too! I hope its not too long before I can come visit
and take you to all my favorite places. When I come,
we'll sit at a rooftop cafe in Patan Durbar square
and have tea for breakfast. Then I'll take you to
Imadol for a walk in the rice fields....BK Fries for lunch in Thamel....ride on the bus
out to Bhaktupur to show you where your mom and I
bonded, and then later on we'll meet up with your
parents for a courtyard dinner at Chez Caroline's.

I'm praying that you will honor your mommy
and daddy, and that God will give you a
passionate heart for the nations.

Jaymasi babu,

Indira didi

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Elizabeth said...

Why did I never comment on this post? It's beautiful and makes me smile at your way with words. You are a gift... to so many people!