Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Happy Birthday to my friend Elizabeth! Here are just a few of my favorite things about her!

1. She loves Jesus more than her husband.
2. She could be Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Alice in Wonderland at DisneyWorld.
3. She has an abundant amount of mercy and patience.
4. She loves life's simple pleasures.
5. Her and her husband are preparing to move to the other side of the world to be lights in a dark place.
6. She eats "mini meals" all day long.
7. She will be a great mother some day!
8. Everything she does is done with excellence.
9. She still likes sleepovers with her girlfriends.
10. Her friendship is one of the reasons God brought me to Florida.
11. Whenever you talk to her, she takes on your burdens with you.
12. She uses a real Christmas tree.
13. She is a natural blonde.
14. She's a fan of Survivor!
15. She loves passing on good music lyrics.
16. She has a beautiful voice!
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Brad Lee said...

So...does this mean she loves Jesus more than she loves me...or that she loves Jesus more than I love Jesus...

(After reading your post, she pointed this out to me and I thought it was funny)

Having asked that, thank you for lavishing my wife with kindness and for proving my intelligence and wisdom (for choosing her & convincing her that I deserve her!)

Go Gators!! We're #1! No, really...we are!

Andrea said...

Ok, so I meant #1 on my list to mean that she loves Jesus more than she loves her husband...which is good!

And even though I don't care about sports, I'm glad that Shannon can finally say his team is #1. Whatever floats your boat!