Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Reason #228 of why I LOVE my job....

One of the many things I get to do at CU is take students to Wal-Mart. Most of the time the students are international students. It is so fun to load up my car, look in the rearview mirror and usually have 5 countries represented in my car. Does it get any better than that?!

Today was no exception. We were on our way home, the sunroof was open, Dave Barnes was on the stereo, when one of the guys asked, "What is Sonic?" Well....the natural thing to do was to pull in and order instead of trying to explain it! AND, it just so happened to be half-price drinks, so that's what we all decided on. Can you just imagine how challenging it is to describe all of the never ending drink options and combinations to someone who is learning English? 5 medium Strawberry Limeades later, they had been properly introduced to a slice of Americana.

They loved them.....and I love my job!
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Binod said...

Great.I never got chance to go walmart in your car. Are you drving only for girls or for guys too?

Andrea said...

Hi Binod! If your family needs a ride to Wal-mart, just call my extension #5358 and we can work out a time to go! As long as I'm not in class, it's my pleasure!

Anonymous said...

I agree, it doesn't get any better than that, especially for a girl who left her heart in South Asia. What a wonderful and personal Father we have that loves to give us good gifts. ASB