Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things I've learned/observed since living on campus....

1. Quarters are like gold.
2.Two meals a day is standard.
3. Road trip whenever possible.
4. Going to the mailbox is such an ego booster/breaker.
5. I now realize how many people are smarter than me.
6. The cafeteria food is only good when it is Preview Weekend.
7. None of the classes you want to register for will be open.
8. Class time...the later the better.
9. Asleep by 2 AM is an early night.
10. Keys have never been so important, yet I seem to always be looking for mine.
11. Jeans may be worn as many times as the wearer desires.
12. No matter how hard you try . . . You are never alone!
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Rosannadannah said...


I would have to say that I would have made a similar list when I was in college - minus the jeans since that was back in the day when they were taboo at BBC.

Sounds like you are having the time of your life. College was the best. I still have dreams about being in college. I know that you are a wonderful blessing to those that God allows you to minister to.


asb said...

A laundromat never looked so inviting! Great picture!