Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Dear 25,

It was finally time to say goodbye. We shared so many amazing moments together!

On our first day together, we drove all the way from Florida to Missouri to begin a new faith adventure. I'll never forget what a long drive that felt like! You were there as I acclimated to living on my own for the first time in the USA. You were there when I met my friend Tisha,....which in all honesty, some days I think she was the only reason God wanted me in KC.

You were there through those really hard months when my faith was tested and I was unemployed. I'm so glad you were able to experience the total God-sized job He provided in Kentucky. Could there be anything more perfect?

You were there as we loaded up the moving trailer once again, Kentucky bound.....(that's 3 states in 9 months). You were with me as I settled into my new "home" in the RD apartment.

You were with me as I became a student again after 4 years! (I'm hoping 26 will be more gifted in Economics...)

You were with me as I wished my dad a Happy 50th Birthday....thinking to myself that he was married and a parent by my age. (GULP!)

You were there as I tearfully sent two of my greatest girlfriends off to the other side of the world to be "Ruths" in the Asian field God's called them to...Lord bring them their Boaz!

I'm not sure what 26 holds, but I hope I can learn as much as I did with you 25....


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Elizabeth said...

Did I ever tell you you're one of the cutest people I've ever known? One day when I grow up... I want to be like you! Call me sometime. EWB